In this section you can find the documentation on the Inputs variables of EPW, the theory behind the code, and some tutorials (navigate using the left-hand side menu).


Example of capabilities of EPW: (a) Polaron satellites in the ARPES spectrum of EuO [Riley et al. Nat. Commun. 9, 2305 (2018)]; (b) Large electron polaron in LiF [Sio et al. PRL 122, 246403 (2019)]; (c) Anisotropic superconducting gap of NbS2 [Heil et al. PRL 119, 087003 (2017)]; (d) Design of high-mobility p-type GaN [Poncé et al. PRL 123, 096602 (2019)]; (e) Phonon-assisted optical absorption in silicon [Noffsinger et al. PRL 108, 167402 (2012)].