Papers using EPW


As of Jan. 12, 2023, the number of papers per year using EPW and citing 2010 [J. Noffsinger et al., Comput. Phys. Comm. 181, 2140 (2010)] and 2016 [S. Poncé et al., Comput. Phys. Commun. 209, 116 (2016)] EPW technical papers.

EPW was used to calculate electron-phonon properties in the following papers:

Z. Shu et al.
High-performance thermoelectric monolayer γ-GeSe and its group-IV monochalcogenide isostructural family
A. Wang et al.
First-principles based computational framework for the thermal conductivity of complex intermetallics: The case study of MgZn2 and Mg4Zn7
Neelesh Gupta and Rekha Verma
Effect of electron–phonon coupling on transport properties of monolayer germanene: A thermoelectric perspective
Z. Tong et al.
Anisotropic Phononic and Electronic Thermal Transport in BeN4
J. Li et al.
A Strong Two-Dimensional Semiconductor l-B4C with High Carrier Mobility
K.-C. Zhang et al.
Effect of quartic anharmonicity on the carrier transport of cubic halide perovskites CsSnI3 and CsPbI3
D. Guo et al.
The room-temperature thermoelectric property of PbTe enhanced by mean-free-path filtering
S. Qi et al.
Tunable goniopolarity of graphenelike boron layers in metal diborides
Y. Wu et al.
Excellent response to near ultraviolet light and large intervalley scatterings of electrons in 2D SnS2
X. Zhao et al.
A two-dimensional topological nodal-line material MgN4 with extremely large magnetoresistance
S. Insad et al.
Two-dimensional stanene: Electron-phonon interaction
A. Wu et al.
High thermoelectric performances in PbP monolayers considering full electron-phonon coupling and four-phonon scattering processes
S. Tang et al.
Optimized Active Cooling and Refrigeration using Antidoted Graphene for Heat Management of Microelectronics
C. Pei et al.
Distinct superconducting behaviors of pressurized WB2 and ReB2 with different local B layers
S. Huang et al.
First-Principles Study of Silicon–Tin Alloys as a High-Temperature Thermoelectric Material
C. Zhang et al.
Discovering 2D Semiconductors with High Intrinsic Carrier Mobility at Room Temperature
K. Sharman et al.
A first-principles calculation of electron-phonon interactions for the C2CN and VNNB defects in hexagonal boron nitride
E. A. Moujaes and W. A. Diery
Electron–phonon coupling in lightly n-doped 1T monolayers of PdSTe and PdSeTe: A rigid band approximation approach
V. Askarpour and J. Maassen
First-principles analysis of intravalley and intervalley electron-phonon scattering in thermoelectric materials
H. Xie et al.
Surface hopping dynamics in periodic solid-state materials with a linear vibronic coupling model
T. Esswein and N. A. Spaldin
First-principles calculation of electron-phonon coupling in doped KTaO3
T. Deng et al.
Phonon-limited carrier mobilities and Hall factors in 4H-SiC from first principles
R. Bombín et al.
Anomalous transient blueshift in the internal stretch mode of CO/Pd(111)
S. Yao et al.
Fermi surface topology and anisotropic superconducting gap in electron-doped hydride compounds at high pressure
B. Zhai et al.
Prediction of ferroelectric superconductors with reversible superconducting diode effect
M. Settipalli et al.
The effect of electron–phonon and electron-impurity scattering on the electronic transport properties of silicon/germanium superlattices
L. Feng et al.
Nontrivial effect of out-of-plane acoustic phonon mode on limiting room temperature conductivity of ABA-stacked trilayer graphene
J. Huang et al.
First-principles calculations of double resonance Raman spectra for monolayer MoTe2
Z. Yuan et al.
Computational design of a new layered superconductor LaOTlF2
J. Berges et al.
Phonon self-energy corrections: To screen, or not to screen
Z. Liu and B. Wang
Biaxial strain engineering on the superconducting properties of MgB2 monolayer
J. Sun et al.
Electron mean-free-path filtering in n-type SnSe for improved thermoelectric performance at room temperature
H. Shao et al.
Thermoelectric performance in a Si allotrope with ultralow thermal conductivity: a first-principles study combining phonon-limited electronic transport calculations
S. Han et al.
Effects of electron-phonon coupling on the phonon transport properties of the Weyl semimetals NbAs and TaAs: A comparative study
K.-Y. Song et al.
Study on CoAl intermetallic compound films for advanced interconnect applications: Experimental and DFT investigations
J. Leveillee et al.
Anisotropic-strain-enhanced hole mobility in GaN by lattice matching to ZnGeN2 and MgSiN2
Y. Zhang et al.
Four-phonon and electron–phonon scattering effects on thermal properties in two-dimensional 2H-TaS2
W. Y. Jiao et al.
Surprisingly good thermoelectric performance of monolayer C3N
J. Lim et al.
Creating superconductivity in WB2 through pressure-induced metastable planar defects
L.-Y. Cheng et al.
Thickness-dependent thermoelectric transporting properties of few-layered SnSe
A. Giri et al.
Exceptionally Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Driven by Extreme Pressures: A First-Principles Study
Z. Tong et al.
Ultrahigh Electron Thermal Conductivity in T-Graphene, Biphenylene, and Net-Graphene
R. Hu et al.
Ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric performance of the WS2/WTe2 van der Waals superlattice
C. Sevik et al.
High-temperature multigap superconductivity in two-dimensional metal borides
J. Ji et al.
Functional-Unit-Based Material Design: Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Thermoelectrics with Linear Triatomic Resonant Bonds
P.-F. Liu et al.
Two-gap superconductivity in a Janus MoSH monolayer
H. Xu et al.
Nonlinear nonreciprocal photocurrents under phonon dressing
J. Huang et al.
New selection rule of resonant Raman scattering in MoS2 monolayer under circular polarization
Z. Tong et al.
Multitemperature Modeling of Thermal Transport across a Au–GaN Interface from Ab Initio Calculations
C. Zhang et al.
Phonon-limited transport of two-dimensional semiconductors: Quadrupole scattering and free carrier screening
S. Zheng et al.
Symmetry-guaranteed high carrier mobility in quasi-2D thermoelectric semiconductors
N. S. Fedorova et al.
Anomalous Thermoelectric Transport Phenomena from First-Principles Computations of Interband Electron–Phonon Scattering
Z. Zhou et al.
Anomalous Thermal Transport Driven by Electron–Phonon Coupling in 2D Semiconductor h-BP
Z. Tong et al.
Significant Increase of Electron Thermal Conductivity in Dirac Semimetal Beryllonitrene by Doping Beyond Van Hove Singularity
M. Daeumer et al.
Orientation-dependent transport properties of Cu3Sn
Z. Lin et al.
Phonon-Limited Valley Polarization in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
J. Shin et al.
High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide
H. -C. Pai and Y. -R. Wu
Study of Carrier Scattering and Mobility in Monolayer MoTe2 and WTe2 by First-Principle Analysis
W. H. Sio and F. Giustino
Unified ab initio description of Fröhlich electron-phonon interactions in two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials
R. Sen et al.
Photoexcited electron dynamics and energy loss rate in silicon: temperature dependence and main scattering channels
S. Song et al.
Exceptionally high phonon-limited carrier mobility in BX (X = P, As, Sb) monolayers
S. Song et al.
Abnormally weak intervalley electron scattering in MoS2 monolayer: insights from the matching between electron and phonon bands
N. T. Hung et al.
Enhanced thermoelectric performance by van Hove singularities in the density of states of type-II nodal-line semimetals
M. S. Muntini et al.
Spin-tunable thermoelectric performance in monolayer chromium pnictides
M. G. Rosul and M. Zebarjadi
Effect of Electron–Phonon Interaction and Ionized Impurity Scattering on the Room-Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk MoSe2
H. Jeon et al.
Electron–phonon coupling and superconductivity in an alkaline earth hydride CaH6 at high pressures
M. Zarea et al.
Effects of anisotropy and disorder on the superconducting properties of Niobium
D. Zhang et al.
A New Superconductor of BeB2C Under Atmospheric Pressure
R. Lucrezi et al.
In-silico synthesis of lowest-pressure high-Tc ternary superhydrides
Z. Wan et al.
Superconductivity and magnetism in compressed actinium-beryllium-hydrogen alloys
R. Lucrezi et al.
Quantum lattice dynamics and their importance in ternary superhydride clathrates
X. Zhang et al.
Ab initio theory of free-carrier absorption in semiconductors
B. Szpunar
First principles investigation of the electronic-thermal transport of ThN, UN, and ThC
W. Liao et al.
Electron–phonon coupling factor and electron heat capacity of 6H-SiC
S. Das et al.
Electron-phonon coupling and spin fluctuations in the Ising superconductor NbSe2
N. S. Sitaraman et al.
Theory of Nb-Zr Alloy Superconductivity and First Experimental Demonstration for Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavity Applications
A. Sihi and S. K. Pandey
Evidence of phase stability, topological phonon and temperature-induced topological phase transition in rocksalt SnS and SnSe
H.-C. Pai and Y.-R. Wu
Investigating the high field transport properties of Janus WSSe and MoSSe by DFT analysis and Monte Carlo simulations
T. Fei et al.
Temperature-dependent infrared dielectric functions and hybrid phonon-polaritons in wurtzite GaN: A spectroscopic ellipsometry and multiscale simulation study
M. Ghim and S.-H. Jhi
Kohn anomalies in topological insulator thin films: first-principles study
Z. Zhou et al.
Giant Phonon Anomaly in Topological Nodal-Line Semimetals
T. Hu et al.
Prediction of new phase 2D C2h group III monochalcogenides with direct bandgaps and highly anisotropic carrier mobilities
Z. Wei et al.
Extremely low-energy collective modes in a quasi-one-dimensional topological system
T. Pandey et al.
Pivotal role of magnetic ordering and strain in lattice thermal conductivity of chromium-trihalide monolayers
A. Marrazzo
Thermal robustness of the quantum spin Hall phase in monolayer WTe2
C. Li and L. Cheng
Intrinsic electron transport in monolayer MoSi2N4 and WSi2N4
E. Johansson et al.
The effect of strain and pressure on the electron-phonon coupling and superconductivity in MgB2—Benchmark of theoretical methodologies and outlook for nanostructure design
R. Biele and R. D’Agosta
Transport coefficients of layered TiS3
J. Lu et al.
First-principle study on electronic structures and optical properties of Au-Cu intermetallic compounds
F. Macheda et al.
Electron-phonon interaction and phonons in 2d doped semiconductors
Q. Jiang et al.
Ternary superconducting hydrides stabilized via Th and Ce elements at mild pressures
Y. Pang et al.
Accurate assignment of double resonant Raman bands in Janus MoSSe monolayer from first-principles calculations
J. jo et al.
Experimental and theoretical study of hole scattering in RF sputtered p-type Cu2O thin films
C. E. P. Villegas et al.
Efficient hot-carrier dynamics in near-infrared photocatalytic metals
A. Kumara and U. Singisetti
Full-band Monte Carlo simulation of two-dimensional electron gas in (AlxGa1−x)2O3/Ga2O3 heterostructures
A. Wang et al.
Roles of electrons on the thermal transport of 2D metallic MXenes
F. Macheda et al.
Electron-Phonon Interaction and Longitudinal-Transverse Phonon Splitting in Doped Semiconductors
S. Nayak et al.
First-principles study on the superconductivity of doped zirconium diborides
X.-L. Qiu et al.
Superconductivity in monolayer Ba2N electride: First-principles study
J. Wang et al.
The carrier mobility of monolayer and bulk GaS: from first-principles calculations
Y. Ye et al.
Calculating electron-phonon coupling matrix: Theory introduction, code development and preliminary application
H. Jeon et al.
Electron–phonon coupling and superconductivity in an alkaline earth hydride CaH6 at high pressures
M. Alidoosti et al.
Superconducting properties of doped blue phosphorene: effects of non-adiabatic approach
X. Huang et al.
Impact of electron-phonon interactions on phonon transport in diamond and c-BN
C. Li et al.
Colossal phonon drag enhanced thermopower in lightly doped diamond
G. P. Kafle et al.
Ab initio study of Li-Mg-B superconductors
H. Mei et al.
Finite-momentum excitons and the role of electron–phonon couplings in the electronic and phonon transport properties of boron arsenide
P. Tsuppayakorn-aek et al.
Superconducting Gap of Pressure Stabilized (Al0.5Zr0.5)H3 from Ab Initio Anisotropic Migdal–Eliashberg Theory
M. Zacharias et al.
Anharmonic lattice dynamics via the special displacement method
M. Dogan et al.
High temperature superconductivity in the candidate phases of solid hydrogen
Z. Yang and H. Zhang
Coexistence of pressure-induced superconductivity and topological surface states in elementary substance Sb
J. Ma et al.
First-principles study of the drift and Hall mobilities of perovskite BaSnO3
J. Liang et al.
Computational Study of the C2P4 Monolayer as a Stable Two-Dimensional Material with High Carrier Mobility: Implications for Nanoelectronic Devices
U. Singh et al.
Low lattice thermal conductivity in alkali metal based Heusler alloys
L. Feng et al.
The nearly free electron states and the conductivity limited by electron–phonon scattering of an OH-terminated MXene material, a case study of the Hf2C(OH)2 monolayer
Z. Qi et al.
Morphology and carrier mobility of high-B-content BxAl1−xN ternary alloys from an ab initio global search
M. Dogan et al.
Prediction of high-temperature superconductivity in C2/c−24 solid hydrogen
S. Poncé et al.
Long-range electrostatic contribution to the electron-phonon couplings and mobilities of two-dimensional materials
R. Sen et al.
Hot electron relaxation and energy loss rate in silicon: Temperature dependence and main scattering channels
X. Zhang et al.
Pressure-dependent thermal conductivity in Al, W, and Pt: Role of electrons and phonons
S. Li et al.
Anomalously Isotropic Electron Transport and Weak Electron–Phonon Interactions in Hexagonal Noble Metals
E. Cappelluti and D. Novko
Fingerprints of hot-phonon physics in time-resolved correlated quantum lattice dynamics
B. Szpunar et al.
Comparison of the electronic transport of ThN against ThC
T. L. Britt et al.
Direct View of Phonon Dynamics in Atomically Thin MoS2
G. Varnavides et al.
Mesoscopic finite-size effects of unconventional electron transport in PdCoO2
S. R. Xie et al.
Machine learning of superconducting critical temperature from Eliashberg theory
L. Li et al.
Converting a Monolayered NbSe2 into an Ising Superconductor with Nontrivial Band Topology via Physical or Chemical Pressuring
M. G. Rosul et al.
Low-resistance contact in MoSe2-based solid-state thermionic devices
M. Düvel et al.
Far-from-Equilibrium Electron–Phonon Interactions in Optically Excited Graphene
Z. Han et al.
Raman Linewidth Contributions from Four-Phonon and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Graphene
N. Pant et al.
Increasing the mobility and power-electronics figure of merit of AlGaN with atomically thin AlN/GaN digital-alloy superlattices
N. Girotto and D. Novko
Dynamical renormalization of electron-phonon coupling in conventional superconductors
N. H. Protik et al.
The elphbolt ab initio solver for the coupled electron-phonon Boltzmann transport equations
Z. S. Pereira et al.
Strain-induced multigap superconductivity in electrene Mo2N: a first principles study
C. Xia and Y. Chen
Role of long-range interaction on the electrical transport and electron–phonon scattering in thermoelectric Mg2Si
Y. Dai et al.
Simultaneous enhancement in electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient by single- to double-valley transition in a Dirac-like band
K. Akiba et al.
Observation of superconductivity and its enhancement at the charge density wave critical point in LaAgSb2
S.-F. Wang et al.
Intrinsic Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity in the Full-Heusler Compound Ba2AgSb
T.-T. Gai et al.
Van Hove singularity induced phonon-mediated superconductivity above 77 K in hole-doped SrB3C3
Y. Su et al.
Investigation of carrier transport behavior for cubic CH3NH3SnX3 and CH3NH3PbX3 (X=Br and I) using Boltzmann transport equation
E. A. Stepanov et al.
Coexisting charge density wave and ferromagnetic instabilities in monolayer InSe
W.-H. Dong et al.
Superconductivity and topological aspects of two-dimensional transition-metal monohalides
X. Yan et al.
Enhanced superconductivity in CuH2 monolayers
Z. Zhang et al.
Emergent topological superconductivity in Bi-intercalated van der Waals layered SiTe2
M. Dutta et al.
Local Symmetry Breaking Suppresses Thermal Conductivity in Crystalline Solids
J. Lafuente-Bartolome et al.
Ab initio self-consistent many-body theory of polarons at all couplings
C. Wang et al.
Origin of charge density wave in the layered kagome metal CsV3Sb5
C.-S. Lian et al.
Intrinsic and doping-enhanced superconductivity in monolayer 1H−TaS2: Critical role of charge ordering and spin-orbit coupling
A. Sood et al.
Bidirectional phonon emission in two-dimensional heterostructures triggered by ultrafast charge transfer
J. Lafuente-Bartolome et al.
Unified Approach to Polarons and Phonon-Induced Band Structure Renormalization
C. Wang et al.
Charge density wave and superconductivity in the kagome metal CsV3Sb5 around a pressure-induced quantum critical point
C. E. P. Villegas and A. R. Rocha
Near-Infrared Optical Response and Carrier Dynamics for High Photoconversion in Tellurene
H. Paudyal and E. R. Margine
Superconducting properties in doped 2M-WS2 from first principles
J. Chen and J. Gao
Strong Electron–Phonon Coupling in 3D WN and Coexistence of Intrinsic Superconductivity and Topological Nodal Line in Its 2D Limit
T. Ng, Y. Luo, J. Yuan, Y. Wu, H. Yang, and L. Shen
Origin and enhancement of the spin Hall angle in the Weyl semimetals LaAlSi and LaAlGe
H. Seiler, D. Zahn, M. Zacharias, P. Hildebrandt, T. Vasileiadis, Y. W. Windsor, Y. Qi, C. Carbogno, C. Draxl, R. Ernstorfer, and F. Caruso
Accessing the Anisotropic Nonthermal Phonon Populations in Black Phosphorus
L. P. R. de Cotret et al.
Direct visualization of polaron formation in the thermoelectric SnSe
J.-M. Lihm and C.-H. Park
Wannier Function Perturbation Theory: Localized Representation and Interpolation of Wave Function Perturbation
M. Ghim et al.
Coexistence of spontaneous polarization and superconductivity in hole-doped oxyhydrides ATiO2H (A=K,Rb,Cs): First-principles study
S. D. Cataldo et al.
LaBH8: Towards high-Tc low-pressure superconductivity in ternary superhydrides
M. Gao et al.
Phonon-mediated high-temperature superconductivity in the ternary borohydride KB2H8 under pressure near 12 GPa
V.-A. Ha et al.
Quasiparticle Band Structure and Phonon-Induced Band Gap Renormalization of the Lead-Free Halide Double Perovskite Cs2InAgCl6
J. Leveillee et al.
Phonon-Limited Mobility and Electron–Phonon Coupling in Lead-Free Halide Double Perovskites
J. Park et al.
When band convergence is not beneficial for thermoelectrics
Y. Su et al.
Investigation of biaxial strain behavior and phonon-limited mobility for γ graphyne: First-principles calculation
S. Poncé et al.
First-principles predictions of Hall and drift mobilities in semiconductors
P. Modak et al.
Prediction of superconductivity at 70 K in a pristine monolayer of LiBC
L. V. Begunovich et al.
Single-layer polymeric tetraoxa[8]circulene modified by s-block metals: toward stable spin qubits and novel superconductors
Y. Liang et al.
A cage boron allotrope with high superconductivity at ambient pressure
N. Sanders and E. Kioupakis
Phonon- and defect-limited electron and hole mobility of diamond and cubic boron nitride: A critical comparison
M. Zacharias and P. C. Kelires
Quantum Confinement of Electron–Phonon Coupling in Graphene Quantum Dots
Z. Wang et al.
Three-gap superconductivity in two-dimensional InB2/InB4 films
S. M., Andrew et al.
First-principles study of electron transport in ScN
B. Szpunar et al.
First principles investigation of thermal properties of thorium mononitride
Y. Su et al.
Stability and phonon-limited mobility for CsSnI3 and CsPbI3
D. Wu et al.
Enhanced superconductivity in bilayer PtTe2 by alkali-metal intercalations
S. Lee et al.
Oxidation-enhanced thermoelectric efficiency in a two-dimensional phosphorene oxide
Q. Xu et al.
First-Principles Study of All Thermoelectric Properties of Si-Ge Alloys Showing Large Phonon Drag from 150 to 1100 K
S. P. Keshri and A. Medhi
Enhanced thermoelectric efficiency of monolayer InP3 under strain: a first-principles study
L. Cheng et al.
Intrinsic charge carrier mobility of 2D semiconductors
M. M. Khatami et al.
First-principles study of electronic transport in germanane and hexagonal boron nitride
X. Yang et al.
Tuning the phonon transport in bilayer graphene to an anomalous regime dominated by electron-phonon scattering
Y. Falke et al.
Coupling to zone-center optical phonons in VSe2 enhanced by charge density waves
E. Minamitani
Ab initio analysis for the initial process of Joule heating in semiconductors
C. Q. Xia et al.
Ultrafast photo-induced phonon hardening due to Pauli blocking in MAPbI3 single-crystal and polycrystalline perovskites
J. Cao et al.
Electron-phonon coupling and electronic thermoelectric properties of n-type PbTe driven near the soft-mode phase transition via lattice expansion
B. Szpunar et al.
Electronic Transport of Uranium Mononitride
D. Logoteta et al.
Intrinsic subthermionic capabilities and high performance of easy-to-fabricate monolayer metal dihalide MOSFETs
R. Lucrezi and C. Heil
Superconductivity and strong anharmonicity in novel Nb–S phases
K. Kempa et al.
Enhancement of superconductivity via resonant anti-shielding with topological plasmon-polarons
W. Zhang et al.
Two-dimensional square-Au2S monolayer: A promising thermoelectric material with ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and high power factor
Q.-L. Yang et al.
Group velocity matters for accurate prediction of phonon-limited carrier mobility
D. Nielsen et al.
Investigating the use of HSE Hybrid Functionals to Improve Electron Transport Calculations in Si, Ge, Diamond, and SiC
T. Cheng et al.
Ellipsometric and first-principles study on temperature-dependent UV–Vis dielectric functions of GaN
J.-F. Zhang et al.
First-principles study of the double-dome superconductivity in the kagome material CsV3Sb5 under pressure
K.-C. Zhang et al.
Thickness-dependent anisotropic transport of phonons and charges in few-layered PdSe2
J.-H. Lee and Y.-W. Son
Gate-tunable superconductivity and charge-density wave in monolayer 1T′-MoTe2 and 1T′-WTe2
Y. Wu et al.
Strong electron–phonon coupling influences carrier transport and thermoelectric performances in group-IV/V elemental monolayers
E. Osei-Agyemang et al.
Examining the electron transport in chalcogenide perovskite BaZrS3
Y. Chen et al.
Renormalized thermoelectric figure of merit in a band-convergent Sb2Te2Se monolayer: full electron–phonon interactions and selection rules
J.-F. Zhang et al.
First-principles study of the crystal structure, electronic structure, and transport properties of NiTe2 under pressure
H. Mori et al.
First-principles study of the electrical resistivity in zirconium dichalcogenides with multivalley bands: Mode-resolved analysis of electron-phonon scattering
T.-H. Park et al.
Maximal superconductivity in proximity to the charge density wave quantum critical point in CuxTiSe2
Y. Quan et al.
First-principles study of superconductivity in α and β gallium
W. Zhang et al.
Two-dimensional square-Au2S monolayer: A promising thermoelectric material with ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and high power factor
A. R. T. Nugraha et al.
Ultrafast optical absorption and coherent phonon generation in monolayer and bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides
W. J. Kim et al.
First principles investigations of the optical selectivity of titanium carbide-based materials for concentrating solar power applications
N. Gupta and R. Verma
Thermoelectric performance of silicene under uniform biaxial strain: A first principles study
J. Cui, S. Li, C. Xia, Y. Chen, and J. He
Pressure effects on the electrical transport and anharmonic lattice dynamics of r-GeTe: A first-principles study
W. Zhang, T. Fei, T. Cheng, C. Zheng, Y. Dong, J.-Y. Yang, and L. Liu
Doping and temperature-dependent UV-Vis optical constants of cubic SrTiO3: a combined spectroscopic ellipsometry and first-principles study
I. Serifi, N. B. J. Kanga, L. B. Drissi, and E. H. Saidi
Electron-phonon contribution in aluminene: Superconductive and transport properties
J. Leveillee, G. Volonakis, and F. Giustino
Phonon-Limited Mobility and Electron–Phonon Coupling in Lead-Free Halide Double Perovskites
D. Novko, V. Despoja, M. Reutzel, A. Li, H. Petek, and B. Gumhalter
Plasmonically assisted channels of photoemission from metals
Z. Torbatian, D. Novko, and R. Asgari
Hyperbolic plasmon modes in tilted Dirac cone phases of borophene
F. Caruso, P. Amsalem, J. Ma, A. Aljarb, T. Schultz, M. Zacharias, V. Tung, N. Koch, and C. Draxl
Two-dimensional plasmonic polarons in n-doped monolayer MoS2
R.-Y. Zhao, X.-W. Yan, and M. Gao
Inverted V-shaped evolution of superconducting temperature in SrBC under pressure
Z. Dai, A. M. Schankler, L. Gao, L. Z. Tan, and A. M. Rappe
Phonon-Assisted Ballistic Current from First-Principles Calculations
G. Sharma, V. K. Pandey, S. Datta, and P. Ghosh
Effect of electron–phonon coupling on the transport properties of monolayers of ZrS2, BiI3 and PbI2: a thermoelectric perspective
Z. Li, P. Graziosi, and N. Neophytou
Deformation potential extraction and computationally efficient mobility calculations in silicon from first principles
J.-N. Wang, X.-W. Yan, and M. Gao
High-temperature superconductivity in SrB3C3 and BaB3C3 predicted from first-principles anisotropic Migdal-Eliashberg theory
M. Zacharias, H. Seiler, F. Caruso, D. Zahn, F. Giustino, P. C. Kelires, and R. Ernstorfer
Multiphonon diffuse scattering in solids from first principles: Application to layered crystals and two-dimensional materials
T. A. Huang, M. Zacharias, D. K. Lewis, F. Giustino, and S. Sharifzadeh
Exciton–Phonon Interactions in Monolayer Germanium Selenide from First Principles
C. Q. Xia, J. Peng, S. Poncé, J. B. Patel, A. D. Wright, T. W. Crothers, M. U. Rothmann, J. Borchert, R. L. Milot, H. Kraus, Q. Lin, F. Giustino, L. M. Herz, and M. B. Johnston
Limits to Electrical Mobility in Lead-Halide Perovskite Semiconductors
M. Petrov, J. Bekaert, and M. V. Milosevic
Superconductivity in gallenene
M. Zacharias, H. Seiler, F. Caruso, D. Zahn, F. Giustino, P. C. Kelires, and R. Ernstorfer
Efficient First-Principles Methodology for the Calculation of the All-Phonon Inelastic Scattering in Solids
A. Kundu, X. Yang, J. Ma, T. Feng, J. Carrete, X. Ruan, G. K. H. Madsen, and W. Li
Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity of θ-Phase Tantalum Nitride
B.-H. Lei and D. J. Singh
Multigap electron-phonon superconductivity in the quasi-one-dimensional pnictide K2Mo3As3
S. Giaremis, P. Komninou, T. Karakostas, and J. Kioseoglou
Ab Initio Study of the Electron–Phonon Coupling in Ultrathin Al Layers
J.-Y. You, B. Gu, G. Su, and Y. P. Feng
Two-dimensional topological superconductivity candidate in a van der Waals layered material
A. P. Roy, N. Bajaj, R. Mittal, P. D. Babu, and D. Bansal
Quasi-One-Dimensional Fermi Surface Nesting and Hidden Nesting Enable Multiple Kohn Anomalies in α-Uranium
O. Jalil, S. Ahmad, K.-W. Ang, and U. Younis
Behaviour of induced states of substitutional and adatom impurity doping on electronic transport properties of single-layer black phosphorus
M. Zhu, H. Yao, L. Jiang, and Y. Zheng
Large Intrinsic Resistivity of Monolayer Cu2Si and Fermi Surface Nesting
C. Zhang, L. Cheng, and Y. Liu
Role of flexural phonons in carrier mobility of two-dimensional semiconductors: free standing vs on substrate
B. Zhang, F. Guo, M. Zhu, L. Feng, and Y. Zheng
The sensitive tunability of superconducting critical temperature in high-buckled plumbene by shifting Fermi level
J. Chen and Y. Ge
Emergence of intrinsic superconductivity in monolayer W2N3
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